Do you ever wonder how to increase profits and minimise wasting time & money?

As we all know – In business, time is money, literally.

Everything which stops you being effective and productive, impacts on staff morale, customer experience and profitability.
It is so very important that your IT runs securely & efficiently.

This 12 top tips guide shows how to save time and money to improve productivity, speed and security.

How many of these can you tick off?

  1. Do you know where all your staff are saving data?
    This is critical and needs monitoring, particularly if staff are working from home.
    Without knowing where the data is, you can’t possibly manage it nor keep it safe.
  2. Different staff need access to different data.
    Can staff easily access the data they need to do their job?
    Also the opposite – are staff restricted from accessing confidential or sensitive data?
  3. “Productivity” is a buzz word for businesses.
    Correctly configured IT helps boost productivity and therefore profitability.
    Improving communication and authorised, secure data sharing really helps with this.
  4. Are multiple staff working on the same project/documents?
    Secure sharing and collaborative platforms significantly improve productivity and communication.
  5. Have a robust, secure backup system in place.
    Do you know whether it is backing up the business critical data?
    Are you getting reports to verify it’s working?
    Do you know how to restore a file(s) should you ever need to?
    A successful backup system can make or break a company that has an unexpected issue.
  6. Do your staff has the correct version of 365?
    The wrong version could be limiting their ability to do their job, or unnecessarily wasting your money on packages that are not used.
  7. When did you last check your devices were free of ‘nasties’ or unwanted malicious software?
    Are these unknowingly slowing down your systems – that’s wasting your time and money. Devices should be checked regularly and cleaned.
  8. If somebody joins the company – do you have a documented plan to say what setup they need?
    Access rights, email address, spelling of name.
    When somebody leaves do you know how to disconnect them from accessing your systems?
  9. Have a disaster recovery plan so that if things go wrong you know what to do to quickly restore your systems.
    IT professionals are now thinking more of ‘when’ than ‘if’ an issue occurs so knowing what you do in the event something catastrophic happens is a must.
    If you already have this, have you shared it with the key members of staff?
  10. Do you ever ask your staff “how could the IT help you to do your job better?”.
    They could come up with great ideas to help the company, and they will be glad to be asked.
  11. Security is important, so are you securing all devices?
    Is the adequate security protection on mobiles, laptops, PCs and tablets?
  12. Do you think that your IT must be working if nobody is complaining about it?
    This is not an IT strategy!
    Monitoring of your setup is required to ensure it stays secure and efficient.

Not ticked off as many as you’d hoped?

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