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Did you know that the average worker loses 22 minutes a day to slow computers or technical issues?

When you add that all together, that’s about 100 hours, or 2 1/2 weeks per person per year.

To know how much it’s costing, multiply the hourly rate by 100 and that’s a scarily large waste of time and money.

You probably didn’t know it was that high – but now you do know, you need to know how to remove this wastage of time and money.

Our audit will help you to see the areas for improvement to increase productivity and morale.

Losing money because your tech isn’t up to scratch?

Your IT doesn’t have to be completely broken for it to costing your money. It’s not all about the big outages or IT failures.

Systems grind down slowly, so you possibly don’t realise until it really starts to impact?  The longer something takes, the more money it’s costing your business.

Let’s talk about the real cost of not addressing your IT issues.

What are you risking with an outdated system?

Outdated software is a very real business risk. It becomes increasingly difficult to integrate with newer systems, doesn’t run well on new devices and is far more susceptible to cybercrime and system failure.
Let’s check that your IT system is protected, stable and reliable.

Is your slow system frustrating your team?

Happy people are more productive people. If they’re spending far too much of their day wishing your system was working faster, they’re definitely not at peak productivity.

That’s costing your business money, as well as putting you at risk of losing staff. Fixing computers is much cheaper than replacing staff, rebuilding relationships  and losing all of their knowledge if they leave.

Find out how much faster things could be for your team.

Where’s your current provider when you need them?

Still waiting for that call back to resolve that urgent IT issue? We know it’s frustrating when your IT provider seems to disappear just when you need them the most. Having your IT working is so fundamental to your business that you can’t afford long periods of downtime. That’s why we don’t just say we put our customers first – we really do it.

Who still has access to your system?

It’s easy to lose track of who has access to what as people move roles, move departments or even leave the business entirely. Making sure everyone has the appropriate level of access to your IT systems keeps your internal and client data safe.

Consider external providers too, such as accountants and VAs who may no longer work with you? Remove their access to your data

Are you sure everyone has the right access?

With R&A, keeping your IT running smoothly and safely can finally be a breeze.

Let’s take a look at your system with a free audit, and find out how we can transform your IT.

How much time and money will it save you?

Book your FREE IT MOT today.

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