Are you struggling with slow or inefficient computers that are making your working life harder?

Struggling with slow, inefficient computers is making life harder for everyone in your team.

Get to the root of the problem with an IT MOT that helps you understand the reliability of your hardware, what your IT security risks are and where you’re experiencing inefficiencies in your software.

The IT audit (or IT MOT as we prefer to call it) will reivew your IT systems to tell you what you need to do to make your IT safer, faster, smarter – and more cost effective.

What does the IT MOT include?

A 9 point checklist and discussion around your IT needs and current setup.

You will be given a report detailing improvements to IT security and IT productivity.

This is written with minimal jargon and designed to show you what needs to be done to improve your IT, what is required from you in terms of investment in time and money.

The IT MOT looks at the computers and IT equipment you use to determine their effectiveness.
Items that we cover include:


Do your servers and PCs work efficiently?
Are they reliable?


Are you still using unsupported software
such as Windows XP, Office 2007 and Server 2003? Could newer software be more effective and secure?


How well protected is your network from malicious software and external?


Is your data secure, particularly with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) arriving in May 2018?

Backups and Disaster Recovery


Do regular data backups take place? What will happen in the event of a disaster at your organisation?

Network and Connectivity


How stable is your network? Does your internet connection cause problems?

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