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It is crucial that you are able to maximise your IT efficiency in your professional life. Is there anything worse than feeling like you’re wasting your time? Does your to-do list keep growing longer while the working day feels shorter? At Rochester & Associates, we understand that your time is especially valuable, so you need to be sure that you are working as efficiently as possible whilst using IT for your business. So, we have compiled a list of useful links to websites which can increase your IT efficiency to be certain that your time is being spent as best as it can. If you are looking to work more efficiently and want to save yourself both time and money, have a look at the following links and find out how they can make you more efficient! 


We all know the feeling of having lots of tasks to do but not being sure where to start. It can feel daunting not knowing which of our many tasks to begin first. That’s where Trello comes in. 

If you are someone who frequently undertakes projects or just has a long to-do list, then you need Trello! Trello is a planning board website that lets you plan out your tasks for the month. It allows you to create sections such as “Urgent Tasks” or “Today’s Agenda”. This lets you focus on the most important tasks of the day and understand what might need to be delegated. Trello can also be accessed by anybody that you give permission to, meaning that your colleagues or customers can collaborate on creating an agreed Trello ‘board’ of required tasks and actions. 

Trello can even help you to plan out tasks for the months ahead so that you can really be on top of things! By setting deadlines on your Trello page, you will receive helpful reminders which let you know when something needs to be completed. Having Trello as a reminder can relieve the pressure of not knowing when tasks are due and really make you more efficient. By allowing you to see the tasks which need completing that day, you will be more productive, and you even have the satisfaction of ticking off the completed work once you have finished! Be more efficient by entering all of your tasks into a Trello board, and mark the most urgent ones. Now you can get started using your new Trello board as a checklist. 

Bonus tips to save even more time!

We also have some useful shortcuts to make using your Trello board even easier:

  • Press L, this opens the label menu or while hovering over a card, lets you select the labels that you wish to apply. You can customise the labels and to apply the first label you can hover over the card and press 1.
  • Press D, you are able to input a date for when you need to take action on a card. This feature is especially useful for setting deadlines for work.
  • Press F, this filters content so you can see specific information such as which items are assigned to you. You can also see which tasks are overdue, which fall in to a specific category.

Microsoft 365- 

365 maximises your IT efficiency by offering a variety of features which almost guarantee an increase your productivity. They also give you and your employees a multitude of different tools to work with. Microsoft 365 allows you to easily share documents and data between your colleagues for a seamless work experience. You can view and work on the same document simultaneously, thus limiting the chances of having duplicates of a document. This can be a huge time saver, not having to work out which document is the latest nor merge changes. It also minimises the chances of staff downloading documents to their laptop  and forgetting to upload them again for others to access.

Microsoft Teams is a communications service which lets your colleagues converse remotely and conduct business virtually. The feature allows you to chat from anywhere and stay connected with video calls, chats and 1 on 1 calls. You can also use a virtual whiteboard, and share your screen and files, so that you can really get collaborating. Microsoft 365 lets you share your calendars so that you can quickly and efficiently see who is available and at what time on any given day. This is particularly useful for trying to arrange meetings and saves a great deal of time sending emails backwards and forwards, trying to find out when colleagues are free. 

Office 365’s Security Features

For peace of mind, Microsoft 365 has plenty of built-in security features which help to defend you and your business against cyberthreats. In Microsoft’s OneDrive, they have a personal vault which requires you to setup a strong authentication method to verify your identity. This gives your important files another level of security by asking for an external verification such as a PIN or fingerprint. Setup the secure features to not let your most important documents be accessed by dodgy and/or unauthorised people.

We can help you to understand which Microsoft 365 business packages is the most suitable to your requirements. At Rochester & Associates, our IT support is built for you. We help you to create an IT system which gives you everything that you need for your business. For more information, contact us at: 


We all use passwords but have so many it is impossible to remember them all. If this means you are using the same password for everything then that is a huge security risk. KeePass is a free password manager that stores all your passwords for you, so you don’t have to remember them. Additionally, if you are on holiday, a trusted colleague can find your password. Don’t you hate that feeling when you just can’t remember your password for an account? It can be exhausting having to reset a new password every time you want to log onto a website. The chances of remembering new passwords are minimal if you can’t remember the original !

That’s where KeePass comes in. The vault stores your passwords for everything from websites to email accounts, making it easy for you to log in. The vault storing your passwords is encrypted using an extremely secure algorithm so that you know your data is safe. Having all of your passwords at your fingertips can prove to be a real gamechanger, so visit KeePass now.

Rochester & Associates – 

Do you know whether your IT is efficient and secure ? Don’t just wait until it proves a real issue before you think about this. If you are looking to improve your IT efficiency, you can claim a free IT audit which is guaranteed to get to the root of your IT problems and show you the steps to  make your IT safer, faster and more efficient. Don’t let your business be held back by slow IT any longer. At Rochester & Associates, we find IT solutions specifically tailored to your business and work with you to help you overcome these barriers. 

For more information and to claim your free IT audit, visit our website:

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