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Productivity tips: Clean out your computer day

You need out tips because know the feeling…

You need to find a file, but you can’t remember where you put it on your system.

Was it under the client’s name, the subject/project name, the date? Or maybe your system is slow or even breaking down and the resulting downtime is costing your business money?

Everybody’s computer should be organised, and it’s security kept up-to-date.

Our productivity tips for this month include several easy steps you can take to stay on top of the amount of information stored on your computer and feel in control of your workload.

We’d also recommend you take advantage of our tips to get you started for ‘National Clean Out Your Computer Day’ on 14th February.

Your computer tips: Filing

Take a little time to stand back and review your filing system.

Is it working for you? Can you find what you want when you need it?

Remember, your system is there to help you to store documents, so you must be consistent in how you save them. The same naming system should be used throughout your business, so everyone is able to find a file or folder.

Sensitive documents can be password protected or stored in a secured location if necessary.

Unused and duplicated files can take up valuable storage space in your computer’s storage and may make it slower in day-to-day use, so make sure you declutter folders regularly.

It may be helpful to archive folders that are more than 12 months old. Make sure they can be retrieved but store them in a different place in a compressed form so they will not affect the performance of your computer.

If you have an IT department, ask about the storage of archive folders and if not, ask us!

Your company may already have a dedicated place on the network or a protocol in place, so you can remove them from your computer’s storage systems. Or, if you run your own business and need help with storage, online storage, or backup services, talk to us today to see how we can help you.

Once you have streamlined your files, it is important that you, your colleagues, and your employees stay on top of filing. It will improve your business efficiency, boost productivity and free up head space. Why not make our simple productivity tips part of your routine for maximum efficiency?

Your computer tips: Emails

We are all guilty of neglecting our emails and some people have hundreds if not thousands of unread communications in their inbox, which is obviously unmanageable and can lead to anxiety and stress.

Go through your emails, delete any that are no longer needed and clear out the junk folder. Make sure that you delete everything in the ’deleted’ folder too. If you sort by sender, you can easily see senders whose emails you don’t want to keep, and bulk delete their emails. Sorting by subject can also help you delete multiple emails in the same conversation and only keep the most recent.

Don’t use your email as a storage system! File any attachments straight away, so they don’t clog up your email storage.

Some email systems have tools to help you with this, for example Outlook’s column sorting or Gmail’s search filter system, so you can see emails with large attachments at a glance.

We recommend that you use a folder system for emails, so the only emails sitting in your inbox are those requiring action.

If you don’t have time to read or deal with all the marketing emails you receive, unsubscribe! You may have only signed up in the first place to take advantage of a newcomer offer, which won’t be available more than once. Set up a separate file for marketing emails, so you can see the frequency of communication to help you decide on the companies you want to hear from, and those you don’t.As well as helping to clear some disk space on your computer, taking a few simple steps to stay on top of your inbox will help you to feel more in control of your workload, helping to reduce anxiety, overwhelm and stress.

Your computer tips: Programmes and systems

The one area a lot of people ignore is leaving unnecessary programme files on their computer.

Quite often we install programmes to help us with a particular project, but we don’t use the programme for anything else! So, it stays on our system, taking up space for no reason.

You may have printer drivers and software installed, but updated your printer ages ago and didn’t delete the old software? Perhaps you replaced a project management or CRM programme with one better suited to your business?

Uninstall or delete unused or outdated programme files on a regular basis for maximum speed and security.

Take advantage of ‘National Clean Out Your Computer Day’ to more this task from your to-do list to your done list!

It is important that you make sure your programmes are up to date. Not only will they run more efficiently, but most also include security updates to help keep you safe online. If you have Windows 10 installed, you may find some useful tips in this article from PC World.

Are your systems up to date?

As time passes and your business grows, the demands on your technology increase too.

Slow systems can hamper the productivity of staff, leading to inefficiency and frustration. You could be losing valuable time through ineffectiveness and technological breakdowns as well as exposing your business to cybercrime, so upgrading may not be as costly as you think – for your pocket, your business, or your online security.

If you need tools to run your business the way you want to run it, we can build you a system from the ground up to make sure you have everything you need. Chat with us or book a free R&A IT audit today.

Even more productivity tips!

Like most decluttering exercises, these productivity tips should help you and your team to be more efficient and focused, freeing up your day from the frustrations of lost files and slow systems.

If you found the whole exercise beneficial to your business, we hope that this first clear-out inspires you to set up a new routine for filing, emails, programme updates and system reviews.

However, if you feel a little lost, do not understand technology and are worried about how old and slow systems may impact your business, discover how the right kind of IT support can take those worries away by contacting us today to arrange your free IT audit.


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