Key things to consider when buying new laptops

New Laptops: Key things to consider when buying for your team

Have you ever felt that your laptop might be holding your business back? Do you or your team often find yourselves wanting something that just works a little quicker? If you have decided that now is the perfect time to upgrade your laptop then you are in luck! This blog will break down some simple steps that will help you to buy the perfect new laptops for your daily needs. Use these as a checklist; work through them and check the ones which you have completed before you buy that new laptop. With the loss of productivity when you are held up by slow technology, it could be costing your business more money not to upgrade!

Which size is right for me?

It is important to consider how portable you will need your laptop to be, especially if you will be working outside of your home and will have to transport it to meetings or coworking spaces. A large screen is fine until you struggle to move it from your home to work. Many of the most popular laptops are available in 11-15-inch screens, which is the perfect size for all of your working needs. Remember that it’s likely that you will be looking at your screen for long periods of time so be sure to check that the laptop screen is comfortable for your eyes. With so much of daily life now taking place via Zoom meetings, it is important that it isn’t a struggle for you to see everyone.

If you are going to be using your laptop for multiple tasks at once then perhaps look into a screen size on the large side of the spectrum. However, if you will primarily be doing written work or presentations and will need to be able to easily transport your laptop from venue to venue then perhaps you should consider a smaller and more portable model of laptop.

You may even consider using a two in one laptop which also serves as a tablet if that would meet your needs. This gives you the option of using a touch screen for adding annotations or illustrating a piece of work. These are often cheaper than an ordinary laptop and have become very popular in recent years. Touchscreens make many tasks much easier and if you have gotten used to the touchscreen feature on your phone then it might be worth considering investing in one when deciding on your new laptop. So to recap, when it comes to the size of your new device, make sure you’re considering your eyes, how and where you’re going to be using it, and your main tasks – in order to stay as productive as possible.

Another important thing to take into account is how much this new laptop will weigh. Nobody wants to be struggling to lug their device between meetings or to a different office. Always check that you can easily lift any potential new laptop to save you an unpleasant surprise the next time you have to commute. The average laptop weight is between 1.5kg for a smaller laptop and 3kg for a larger device. There’s no point in buying a new laptop if it’s too heavy to take outside the house! One of the most essential features of laptops is their portability, so you should make sure that you are able to carry your new laptop comfortably. We can help you to make the right choice by contacting us.

How do I know which laptop will be fast enough?

We’ve all been there before, making a cup of tea while your laptop takes what seems like forever to open that document. That dreaded wheel of death going round and around while you are forced to just sit and wait for it to make up its mind. Do you ever find that your laptop overheats or starts loudly making noises when you try to download a particularly large file?  If you are sick and tired of your laptop’s speed slowing down your business, then you need to consider looking at a faster model. Now this is the only jargon we’re going to throw your way – as something to look out for when searching.

Try to find a laptop with at least 8GB of RAM to make sure that it meets your needs. This might sound complicated, so just remember that RAM is a form of computer memory. Anything higher can be left up to you. But, the more RAM that you have, the faster your laptop will be. A laptop with 8GB of RAM should be perfect for writing in documents and giving presentations on a daily basis.

Tell me about Battery Life

If you are working outside the house all day then it is important that your laptop can keep up! Many laptops will allow for up to ten hours of screen time before they need charging. Be sure to find out how long your prospective laptop would be able to last on a single charge. If you forget your charger, then you don’t want to be unable to work. This risks losing valuable time and money! An adequate battery for your laptop should ensure that it lasts for the entire working day and a little extra. Choosing a laptop with at least eight hours of battery life can make the difference between completing a piece of work on time and missing deadlines. Don’t keep your clients waiting because your laptop can’t keep up!

Don’t be a blank box on Zoom!

Make sure that any laptop you are considering purchasing has a built-in camera. It can be a hidden expense if one is not included. It is essential that your laptop comes equipped with a camera which allows you to show your face at meetings. Many businesses have turned to using Zoom to conduct meetings. You don’t want to be left out if they can’t see you! A client would find your business to be impersonal. They might struggle to develop a connection with you if they find themselves unable to see you

in every meeting! People find it disheartening talking to a faceless box. They can struggle to gauge your response and emotions when speaking without seeing your face. It’s like relying on text messages all over again. It is crucial that you discover if your new laptop comes with an inbuilt camera. This will spare you the expense of having to buy a webcam which isn’t as high quality as the one which is built in.

This all sounds expensive?

One of the most important things to consider when investing in new tech is how much it will cost you. Laptops can range from anywhere between £200 and over £1000 for high end devices. It is easy to feel that it isn’t worth investing in your IT hardware when you’re working from a budget. Your main requirement for it might just be that it works for what you need it for. However, a slower and older model of laptop could be costing your business valuable time. What’s more important to you? Think of your laptop as your portable office which allows you to do work on the go. It can give you access to the files that you need at your fingertips.

You should also factor in the hidden costs of purchasing a new laptop, such as purchasing Microsoft 365. Microsoft 365 offers several plans for businesses like yours. It is worth spending time exploring which package is perfect for you. Be sure to also do plenty of research on the types of security software available. No business wants to suffer with a cyber attack.


The time that you lose by having slow laptops will add up throughout the working day. It could cost your business entire days throughout the year. Cheaper laptops will have less power so in the long-term, could prove to be a bad investment for your business. The longer that you take to upgrade, the more money an inadequate laptop could be costing your business. To learn more about the unspoken cost of not upgrading, you can contact us here:

Hopefully this has provided you with plenty to think about when buying yourself a new laptop. If you are stuck with how you can tick off any items on this checklist and to claim your free IT audit, get in touch with us at 01274 662953 or visit our website.

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