Manufacturing Case Study

Data Security Case Study: Manufacturer in Leeds

Throughout this case study we’re going to explain some of the problems a manufacturing firm was having with their IT and systems. Moreover we’re going to explain how the some changes we made have given them confidence in their security.

Who is the customer and what do they do?

This manufacturing firm is one of the leading specialists in the sale of air conditioning products to contractors and air conditioning professionals in the UK.

Why were they looking for IT support?

This client had become increasingly frustrated because they used to share documents internally via email and found this was not only time consuming but also hugely disruptive to everybody’s work. They ended up with multiple versions of the same documents, which resulted in confusion and more wasted time trying to get to the information that they needed.

They also had free Antivirus software, which they thought was cost effective, but didn’t realise that the option they had chosen was not adequately protecting their business.

The manufacturing team had data in numerous locations. This included pricing details and customer details on various spreadsheets. On multiple occasions, the client had accidentally deleted, or overwritten, the spreadsheets with no fall back. Not being able to get this file back led to losing clients and profit on jobs.

Finally, their email system was a mess. Before we got involved, they had no idea where their email was being stored, or if it was backed up; nor did they have access to any email settings to add/remove people when staff changed or set up new email addresses when needed.

What were their goals?

The three main goals for this manufacturer were:

  1. Have immediate access to pricing information to be able to quote customers quickly and increase sales. Ideally, whilst the client was on the phone, or on premise, to avoid delays and having to call them back.
  2. Increase their stability and security of their processes and systems.
  3. Clarify their existing systems and to simplify any new additional technology.

Why did the manufacturing firm choose to work with you?

The manufacturing firm was recommended to us by one of their connections, and had the confidence that the solutions we were proposing would fulfil their goals:

“Service levels and response levels have improved significantly which has had a really positive impact on how our business runs”.

What process did this manufacturing firm need?

Sharing documents properly with a local server means that they have a central place to store their pricing and customer information. This also increased security as now they can control ‘who sees what’ data.

Replacing their Antivirus software improved the running speed of the PCs massively. Members of the team were much happier as well as more secure. We also discovered that the old version was tracking their activity and selling that data so that was an additional bonus.

Installing a backup solution meant the client could now restore files very quickly. Moreover, they did not lose any critical data in the process. This has also increased their confidence, knowing that if they make a mistake it can very rapidly be rectified.

We also consolidated their data to ensure everybody had access to what they needed when they needed it. This was quite painstaking, but we worked hand-in-hand with the client to ensure the results were accurate and timely.

As in every business email (like Gmail or Outlook) is heavily relied upon but rarely included in a backup. This is usually because people focus solely on data when backing up. We now backup their email to give both peace of mind and certainty.

The client now makes more profit and has outpaced their competition on quotes. This is as a direct result of having immediate access to the client and pricing data and avoiding errors. Each member of staff can now simply get on with their job much more efficiently. Plus, with our on-going support service in place, they are safe in the knowledge that if anything does go wrong, it’ll be rectified swiftly, without any upheaval.

If anything within this case study sound like they would benefit your organisation, contact us about booking a free audit.

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