Case Study Boosting Productivity

IT support Case Study: Charity in Leeds

Throughout this case study we’re going to break down an example of a client who needed some IT support. They needed to boost their productivity and efficiencies within the organisation. Moreover, we’ll also showcase the difference our work made for this client.

Who is the customer and what do they do?

This client is a Leeds based charity who celebrate the positive contribution Irish people make to Leeds. They do this whilst ensuring the needs of the most vulnerable in the community are met and supported. Their goals is that these people can live as independent a life as possible.

Why were they looking for IT support?

This organisation holds personal information about their clients, as well as their staff and volunteers. However, they were not confident when sharing information (both general and confidential) because they didn’t know whether it was secure.

Sharing documents via multiple emails ended up with multiple versions of the same document, causing confusion and wasting lots of time trying to collate the information back into one document. 

In addition, there were extensive communication delays getting responses within the team due to their heavy reliance on email.

Their setup relied on virtual PCs, which proved both complex and unreliable. The client didn’t really feel confident in what was installed, why it was configured that way, and what to do with it to improve communication, efficiency, and security.

What were their goals?

There were three main goals for this client:

  1. Securely store their client’s personal data to allow them to efficiently support their client’s needs.
  2. Work in a more collaborative way as a team.
  3. Simplify the existing infrastructure and get a handle on how it worked without extensive (and costly) IT training requirements to the company.

What IT support were they given?

Our IT audit enabled them to see where things could be improved within the organisation and gave them a clear path to improve their systems and security.

We moved them to a cloud-based solution to help with home-working, collaboration, data sharing, and data access.

We moved them into a Microsoft 365 cloud-based platform and configured email and team systems to the clients specific needs. 

This included things like shared calendars for resource management, and collaborative document creation in real-time meant they could now efficiently create, modify, and manage all their documentation simply and efficiently.

This radically changed the way they worked and at a time when everyone was forced to ‘work from home’, this proved a real blessing. In conclusion, we saved enough hours to off-set the total cost of our interventions and ongoing services.

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