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Is slow IT wasting your time and money?

Are you and your staff wasting precious time waiting for computers to boot up every morning?

Do you find yourself waiting for your computer to do what you ask of it?

Have you missed deadlines or lost customers because your “computer said no”?

It may surprise you to find out that you are not alone. On average, poor IT and slow systems cost the average UK business 22 minutes per employee, every single working day!

Poor and inadequate IT is expensive. It costs your business money through lost productivity and wasted time by:

  • Reducing efficiency
  • Damaging the customer journey and experience
  • Affecting staff morale
  • Impeding communication and order processing
  • Impacting profits
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Many people come to us with these issues, but they have no idea how to fix it, or in some cases, how bad the problem really is.

Slow computers don’t happen overnight. This is a gradual process that you may not even notice until major issues come about.

0In fact, this is exactly what happened with one of our newest clients in the financial sector.

They had deadlines to meet; Slow systems were impeding their ability to get things done on time.

We implemented a clean-up of devices which instantly increased their computers performance, and renewed staff confidence.

What sort of problems are caused by slow IT?

We have already mentioned slow booting, let’s look a little more into this:

Slow booting

There are several reasons why booting can be slow. For example, outdated devices that aren’t up to the job; old versions of software; storing too much data; too many programmes ‘Starting with Windows’, etc.

The list goes on…

If slow booting is a major headache in your business, or you feel that processes are taking longer than they should, call us today to speed things up for your team.

File searching

Are folders stored in the right place, and do the right people have access?

A lot of businesses have grown organically with different people implementing different systems at different times.

Putting a basic structure in place for naming and saving files will save a lot of time and confusion in searching for the latest version. The bonus is that a declutter will also free up space!

Repetitive tasks

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A lot of time is wasted by staff doing repetitive tasks that could be automated.

Talk to us about improving productivity by upgrading your IT systems to automate simple tasks, so you can free up time for more important business activities.

Unused software

Are you sure you are using the correct software for your business needs?

Computers performance can be sped up by uninstalling old, inadequate or unused software and replacing it with the latest versions if required. It is also a good idea to make sure that staff know that they are not allowed to download random software on to their devices too – security breach anyone?

Email system

Is your email working efficiently?

Did you know that you can set up automatic spam filters, so most of this kind of mail doesn’t get through to your employees?

Going through spam takes people away from their jobs, wasting both time and money, not to mention it’s extremely annoying!

Social media

Using social media blockers can improve productivity as your employees will have fewer distractions from their work.

We all know, social media is a huge time drain, so limiting time spent on the platforms, or implementing blockers will help your workers to stay focused on their work.


If this sounds like your business, and you want to free up your working day from the frustrations of slow and inadequate IT, RandA is here to help you. Book a free IT MOT to identify priorities.

We promise not to speak IT jargon.

You will get clear and concise solutions that will have your IT working for the benefit of your business rather than against it. It’s guaranteed to add value to your business so it’s quick, simple, and nothing to lose.

Book today free IT MOT.

How much will it save your business by eliminating poor and inadequate IT?

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