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Improve productivity through IT

What’s your biggest IT frustration?

If this was resolved now, would your day run more smoothly?

According to mental health experts: When interviewed, the top two answers to the question “What are your most stress inducing problems in the workplace”, were workload and IT.

When you think about how you use your computer, which tasks do you constantly repeat?

If these tasks could be automated or quicker, would that save you a lot of time?

Poor and inadequate IT costs your business time and money.

You don’t pay your employees to sit around not doing anything, do you. Yet, you would be surprised how many hours are lost every year because of slow computers or inadequate systems.

Each employee spends about 100 hours every year not being able to work because of slow computers and IT issues.

Are you and your staff feeling frustrated by confusing IT issues and overwhelmed at not knowing how to fix them?

Lots of businesses have many issues and often they creep up slowly, so you don’t realise how much time and money you are wasting until the issues really start causing problems for your staff and your business.

It is hugely frustrating when you cannot get on with a job, particularly when that deadline is looming and the “computer says, no!”.

How much better would it be for your business to have your IT and systems working for you, not against you?

Get Organised!

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Having the same data duplicated in multiple locations is a real time waster in businesses.

It makes it hard to know which data is up to date, who has made which amends and where you should find the information that you need to do your job well.

To improve efficiency, it makes sense to have a system that makes documents easy to find.

Top tip: Take some time out to think about where you have duplicated data – whether it is sending an attachment to multiple people who reply separately or copying and pasting stuff, so any changes must made in both locations

Can your employees find the relevant documents when they need them, or do they have to waste time hunting around because documents are not saved in a consistent manner?

Remember, lost time = lost productivity.

Your filing system should:

  • Be consistent in naming files – make the names as short as possible too!
  • Ensure sensitive/confidential files are password protected, and access to them is controlled
  • Have a method for archiving old files, so files can be retrieved if needed, but they don’t clutter up the storage
  • Clear out old files regularly to avoid saving duplicate, unused or out-of-date documents and folders
  • Make sure you train new starters on how your system works, and equally, make sure you remove access to your system for anyone leaving the company promptly. Having an effective system in place for new starters and leavers will save time, frustration and money and make your IT administration much simpler if you don’t have to ‘remember’ everything.

The good news is that when you know where all your data is stored, by each team member, it is easier to protect, find and use it!


Your company devices need to be organised and secure, it’s a no-brainier!

If you are struggling to keep a lid on your data, you don’t know if its being properly protected.

If something goes horribly wrong, you run the risk of losing those documents.

Make sure you have adequate security before it happens and back-ups in place for afterwards.

These simple steps with save your peace of mind and to save you the massive headache of having to do a load of work again; as well as the nightmare of having to report a data breach.

Document Sharing

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Do you share documents with others and then find you have multiple versions of the same document?

You’d be surprised just how often this happens..!

You’re then having to work out who changed what, which version is the most recent, and then merge all changes the documents in to one.

It may surprise you to learn that this is completely unnecessary!

Implementing the right strategy for sharing documents means all authorised parties can review and amend documents in their own time or even simultaneously, while each person is able to see clearly what has been changed in real-time.

Once more, having an effective system will save you so much time, frustration and unnecessary duplication of tasks.

That Old Chestnut – MONEY

You may think that saving money by purchasing a laptop on Black Friday is a shrewd move.

But very often, the tech on offer is old and has been superseded by a quicker, more efficient systems.

Getting a new computer which is cheap, and likely under powered, and not really up to the job you want it to do, will impact also each and every day it is being used; and thus cost you far more in the long run.

Our advice on this one is not to scrimp on a cheaper PC with lower spec – ask us and get something that you’ll still be happy to use in years to come!

If you want a new computer to last you 3-5 years, saving £100 is false economy as it is the equivalent of about 5p-9p per day, whereas the salary you are paying a staff member to have to wait for it, is going to be far more costly.


You easily can wave goodbye to more than two hours every day, dealing with emails and deleting those that should never have reached your inbox in the first place.

Dealing with unsolicited emails and all that spam that seems to increase daily eats up huge amounts of time and, if you pay for your email space, can start to become costly.

Our tips:

  • Make sure your junk filters are set correctly and empty the junk folder regularly.
  • Unsubscribe from marketing emails you never get the time to look at or are not interested in
  • Use a folder system for emails so only the messages you need to action are in your inbox. (This is known as the ‘Inbox Zero’ method).
  • Switch off the email notification sound. Most emails do not need your attention the second that they arrive, just check regularly.
  • Set aside certain times during the day to check emails so you can focus on the task in hand – although this is easier said than done!


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Solidifying your IT foundations and systems will mean that you can spend more time doing the job that you love(?!).

That’s not only more time day-to-day but the 100 hours we mentioned could be a lovely holiday, time with family, having fun doing your hobby – how would 100 extra free hours feel like for you?

If you are waiting for your IT systems to really fail before you fix them – it is only a matter of time before you need to then take drastic action. Let’s hope it’s not fatal for the business.

Ignoring IT issues results in significantly more downtime for your business, headaches for your staff and, if your staff get frustrated enough, they may leave, which is yet another hidden cost you need to fork out to replace them.

What would it look like in your business if you improved productivity, efficiency, and profits?

Your IT MOT only takes about an hour. You don’t need to be techie or have all the answers.

We compile tailored recommendations for you.
Agree the next steps with you to fix your IT issues and help them not to happen again.

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