IFA Case Study

Who is the customer and what do they do?

As IFAs, this company holds lots of sensitive and personal data from their clients so is very keen to ensure that this data is super secure.

Why were they looking for IT support?

As a highly regulated sector, there are a lot of compliance boxes to tick but security was of paramount importance as it fitted with the ethos of the company.

Working across multiple sites, they needed to know that only the right people could access the data, and when they needed to, they could do so quickly and securely.

What were their goals?

They knew that to achieve their goals and a growth plan, they needed to implement strict IT policies and procedures and wanted to understand what was right for them and ensure that the whole team understood what they needed to do to stay IT safe.

Why did they choose to work with you?

Following our free IT audit, they understood the areas that needed attention and the order in which these areas needed to be considered. They needed a partner that they could trust and who would speak in non-techie terms to ensure that they understood why they needed certain solutions. 

This also helped to start to build up their confidence in their IT, so they could make informed decisions and focus their time and budget on the key areas first.

“I would much rather be an IFA than work in IT, but love that we have a reliable point of contact when we have IT queries. R&A are friendly and easy to work with. The tests that they do, mean that we are confident that our IT is secure and working as well as possible.”

What was the process?

The first steps had to be areas to improve security and add to their existing security setup. This included 2FA, Microsoft 365, encryption, security software, and splitting Wi-Fi between guests and staff. We then areas to improve the efficiency of the systems.

We also worked with all staff members to resolve their niggly little issues as these were causing excessive, unnecessary frustrations and still carry out regular reviews to ensure that the processes are still working, and the security is as high as it needs to be.

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