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What is our Free IT Audit?

The number one IT tool your business needs to cope with the pre-Christmas rush – Our Free IT Audit

Now that the kids are back to school, you hopefully have more time to focus on your business again. With that extra flexibility, you can now get on with the work at hand and continue to add value to your clients. But what if you start up your computer, and it seems to keep ‘loading’ forever. The wait to open that new email from a client just doesn’t seem to end. So, all the time that you have reclaimed for your business is being wasted by ineffective IT that only holds you back. We’ve spoken to many business owners who are already feeling the busy pre-christmas rush. Combine this with any backlog of work from home-schooling times, and things can just become overwhelming. The last thing you need is for business to pick up and you are not able to manage it because of ineffective systems, or computers just simply slowing you down. Whether you’re a business owner managing your own time to keep customers happy, or a team leader trying to make things run more smoothly, it’s time to find out what you could be doing more effectively. The tool you need? Our Free IT Audit! Our audit asks the important questions about your IT, so that we can build a dependable system to keep your employees and customers happy.

“But my business is getting by as it is, why do we need an audit when it’s all working?”

The longer that your IT goes unchecked, the more money it could be costing you. Imagine your business pays an employee £30,000 per annum. If that employee loses just twenty minutes per day due to slow IT, that works out at over £1,000 per year. Ask yourself, can your business afford to lose £1,000 every year for nothing in return? Think about all those times you’ve booted up your PC and gone to make a coffee while it loads. Even worse, if the employee takes the waiting time to talk to a colleague, that’s two employees who aren’t working, which doubles the cost.

What is eating up my time? Do you ever sit and think ‘there must be a better way of doing this’? How long do you spend dealing with unwanted emails, or hunting for files which you know you saved somewhere but just can’t remember where? Our free IT audit is there to ask questions about things you wouldn’t even usually think about.

Once we understand how things are working in your business (or not working), we will then look at three key areas more deeply to find the best solutions: Speed, Security and Systems.

How to increase productivity using technology

Firstly, we explore the speed of your IT systems as this is typically the most noticeable problem with IT. Do you ever notice that your computer takes a while to load a document? Is it taking too long to read and delete emails? You shouldn’t have to lose precious time over the working day waiting for slow IT. Your IT can be slow for a multitude of reasons, such as having poor broadband or a gradual slowing down of equipment. Your IT could have gradually slowed down over the years, which is noticeably holding you back. With the demand on IT increasing, older devices may struggle to keep up which is why you are left staring at the screen, losing all the time you thought you had reclaimed. Our audit identifies what could be slowing you down so that we can get you back up to speed.

Are you spending hours every working day hunting for documents? There needs to be a seamless method of sharing the latest version of a document between your colleagues. You could be wasting both your time and your employees if you are both editing different drafts of a duplicated document. This can also harm your workplace culture, and your employees start to become frustrated by poor IT. Having good IT can help to keep your customers and your employees happy.

Is your business as safe as you think?

But I’m not a big corporation like Amazon, what could hackers want with my small business? It is easy to feel that being hacked won’t happen to you. There is little general knowledge surrounding hacking, which means that it is easy to think your information is safe.  However, if you don’t have adequate security in place, your chances of having data stolen increase dramatically. Undertaking an audit gives you peace of mind to find out whether your data is safe.

Could you imagine anything more reputation destroying than losing your trusted customers’ personal data? You want your own data to be protected, your customers expect the same thing. Having reliable security means that you can ensure that you don’t let your clients and their privacy down. Thanks to the GDPR laws regarding this you also have a legal responsibility to protect your stored and collated data.

Are your passwords secure? Having the same password for everything is a bad idea, but how on earth do you remember lots of different passwords for lots of different sites? With a secure password vault. It means that if somebody is on holiday, the password to access what they need is stored so that another authorised member of staff can do their job. It also means that passwords are much less likely to be stored on post-it notes stuck to monitors!

“Where’s that proposal I created?” Our free IT audit considers where your data sits and recommends improvements for both security and sharing. Having valuable documents stored without any thought or structure can lead to confusion and lost time. Organising files in a logical manner and in a sharable location will streamline the preparation time for meetings.

Are your computer systems up to the task you require of them?

As we all start prepping for Christmas, we are reminded that this is often used as a deadline for getting stuff done. Businesses are therefore busy, but working ‘in’ their business, and not ‘on’ it. You might be in a rush to hire a new employee to support the increased workload. Do you have a system in place that makes their transition into your business smooth? For new starters, you should provide a document that tells them the full details and permissions of what they can and cannot access data wise, and what standards you expect.

Is it Sara or Sarah? Susanne, Suzanne, Sue, Susan, Susie or Suzie?

Which one is going to go on their email (or perhaps all of them?) – you should have one format for all your business’ emails to stop things get confusing.

Similarly, if the same employee were to leave, do you know how to block their access to your systems? Allowing somebody who is no longer in your employment to access your system is a massive security oversight, though we’ve seen it happen too many times! It is extremely important that you know how to rescind access to your IT in a timely manner. This includes their email as well as your data. If you didn’t have a policy when they started to say that they are not allowed to store your data on personal devices, you are going to seriously struggle when they leave to get such data back.

Do you know who oversees service renewals? Losing access to a subscription service at the wrong moment could prove costly and be an exhaustive process to renew your membership. You need to have somebody to routinely backup your business’ data and renew any subscriptions.

Who is responsible for checking the backup? We know IT companies are always talking about backups, but there is a good reason for this, and it’s because they are so important to business continuity. Moreover, it’s not enough to just have a backup. You need to check it is working and know what to do if it doesn’t.

What happens when the audit is finished?

You will get a report to show you the steps you need to take to improve three key areas. We grade the key areas of the audit using a traffic light system to establish the most pressing issues. These could either be legal requirements or things that will have the biggest negative impact on the company if they are not resolved. This allows you to prioritise your time and budget in the best way.

Red means that this area is critical and could even infringe data protection laws. Spend your budget here as these are the points causing your business the most ‘pain’. Yellow is a recommended change that doesn’t need taking care of immediately but is (or will become) an important issue. Finally, green means desirable options that need to be considered once the above have been completed as these will provide added peace of mind.

Computers are involved in every part of your business, from getting customers, to fulfilling orders, to being paid. We ask a lot of our computers and need to make sure that they are up to the task.

We can help to give you peace of mind that your IT is efficient and secure. To book, simply visit our website today: https://randa-it.co.uk/book-a-free-audit/

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