Breathing new life into your IT 

We hope that you enjoyed a fabulous break over Easter with family and friends, and that you have come back to work with renewed purpose and energy.

After all, spring is all about renewal and new life as flowers blossom and lambs appear in the fields. So, with this theme in mind, how can you breathe new life into old IT kit to help it last for longer?

Can you remember when you last updated or replaced your IT equipment? 

Why updates are important 

When you have invested your hard earned cash into the latest IT equipment, you need it to last as long as possible. The current recommended lifetime of a PC is three to five years, so to make sure it is five years, you need to take care of it! 

Implementing a schedule for updates is important to prolong the life of your IT equipment and to make sure that it is running at optimum efficiency and security. Maintenance is important in every aspect of our lives to improve performance and maximise longevity, whether it is our cars, homes, appliances/equipment or indeed, our IT! 

Performance issues 

Out-of-date software or hardware may not be up to processing the tasks you need it to do, especially if your in-house processes have moved on since first installing it.

Slow computers waste on average 22 minutes per dayi or about two and a half weeks per annum per member of staff.

So, paying your staff to sit around while they wait for slow computers to process tasks can cost a considerable amount per, employee each year, and on top of that, will impact your ability to provide good customer service and get business done on time. 

It is therefore much better and cheaper to fix your computers before your bottom line takes a hit or worse, staff become frustrated and walk out. Resulting in less disruption, a constant level of customer service. 

Contact us today to talk about a system clean-up to improve performance.

At less than £100 per device or PC, it costs a lot less than losing time to a slow computer! Or you can book our free IT MOT, which will highlight where your current IT is failing your business. 

i – source: BBC Worklife Article

Security issues 

Updates issued by manufacturers often contain improved security to help fix security vulnerabilities and iron out bugs that have become apparent during use, as well as address emerging threats; It is therefore essential that you keep all your hardware and software current, so they are not as vulnerable to hackers. 

Alongside regular updates, you need to install the right antivirus software to protect your computers and data.

We talked in depth about IT security and deciding what to protect and how in an earlier blog – IT Security  

Are you worried that your business may not be protected from external threats like hackers or malware?

If you are not sure that your IT security is adequate for your needs, talk to R&A today and we can put your mind at rest by reassuring you that your precious data is protected, or offer our advice about the steps you can take to fix it! 

Updates often get bad press as they often take a long time to install, which can be perceived as being disruptive.

It is important to note that these updates are there for a reason and if scheduled to run out of hours, cause minimum disruption and inconvenience.

Manufacturers continually issue updates, long after an initial release. Different updates are offered with different benefits – some fix issues and improve functionality/performance whilst others improve security.

Updates may also smooth out processes, so automation works more effectively.

If you don’t run updates as they are released, you may encounter performance and compatibility issues, which will affect business efficiency.  

To Summarise

In summary, implementing an update schedule will save you time and money in the long run.

Updates can fix minor issues straight away, preventing them from becoming a major headache!

Make sure you maximise the life span of your IT equipment by updating your system, programmes, security and anti-virus software regularly. 

A quick fix to breathe new life into your IT and improve performance is to make sure you have the latest updates installed. If your systems and software are up to date but you still have problems, then book our free IT MOT, and we can advise you about the issues impacting IT performance.  

Your business needs good IT and efficient systems; taking advantage of the latest updates to automate processes will help you to work SMARTER, not harder! 

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