Blog: Letters from Business Professionals to Santa

Letters from business professionals to Santa

Dear Santa, 

For Christmas this year, please can I have some faster internet? I am really struggling to upload videos to my social media without it coming up with an error because the speed is so slow. 

All the best, 



Hi Jane, 

I am so sorry to hear that you are having issues with your internet. I know how important it is to be speedy, especially on Christmas Eve! I will do my very best to sort this for you. Have you been keeping check of your speed through a checker? 

Try this one:

Ho Ho Ho! Santa


Dear Santa, 

I have been trying to be good all year round and I think I’m on the good list this year, despite that little hiccup at the Christmas party.

Please can you help me with my server? I keep having issues with my documents and when I’ve looked into it, it sounds like there’s a server issue causing all the trouble.

Thank you so much! 



Merry Christmas Leon! 

We had a very similar problem here at the North Pole a couple of years ago. You can imagine, I have been doing this job for a long time, and our server couldn’t cope with the amount of children’s profiles we had to track to deliver presents. One day it just stopped working! 

We contacted this wonderful company in Bradford who sorted everything out for us. They assisted my elves in backing up all the information into a safe place, so that if anything was ever to crash again, we could get everything back in quick time! We can’t risk not being able to deliver so close to Christmas. They also managed to get a new server up and running in no time. We were very stressed, but Mrs Claus is very happy knowing that it’s all sorted. 

Another thing to bear in mind: try to keep on top of how long you’ve had your server in place as we were told that sometimes the server’s age can affect how it performs. Otherwise, Rochester and Associates will be able to take a look, clean up the server and make it work like new! 

It’s worth seeing what they recommend. 

Ho Ho Ho, from Santa


Dear Santa, 

I really would like a new laptop for Christmas. I knocked a hot chocolate over and it spilled all over my laptop. Now it won’t switch on, and I need it to complete my work before Christmas! 

Thank you, 


Hi Betty, 

I completely understand your troubles. This time of year can be very stressful on the old mind, but don’t worry as there’s almost always a solution. 

The first thing to do is turn the laptop off and take out the battery. Try to dry it out somewhere warm and dry and that could help. If that doesn’t work, let me know and we can get you some new hardware in no time. I remember you asking for a backup last year and so when you get your new laptop you can restore everything onto there from your backup! 

Ho Ho Ho, Santa!

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